Participation application Form

Participation application Form

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Handling of privacy policy

The personal information entered above will be managed as data held by the association. In addition, the association and affiliated companies may send information regarding their products, services, seminars, etc. at a later date. The collected personal information will be properly managed by implementing safety measures in accordance with our privacy policy. Please refer to this for details regarding the cancellation of the sending of information, and the disclosure, correction and deletion of personal information.

Please refuse

・It is forbidden to bring cameras, video recorders, or recorders into the venue.
・Use of mobile phones and smartphones in the venue is prohibited (only available in designated areas) ・Please be considerate of safety during the tour.
・Please note that some sponsors may not be able to tour the work due to shooting.
・Usually, a cancellation fee of 30% will be charged for cancellations 2 to 7 days before the event, and a full cancellation fee will be charged for cancellations on the day and the day before.
・For catastrophes caused by natural disasters, epidemics of infectious diseases, suspension of services such as training venues/transportation, and instructions from government offices, etc. We are not responsible for this

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